Construction Forces


The Construction Forces Division is responsible for a variety of City construction projects, alterations and improvements of City buildings, earthquake hazard reduction work on unreinforced City buildings, and projects aimed at reducing homelessness in the City. Projects may include the installation of energy efficient lighting systems, elimination of health and safety hazards, installation of drought tolerant landscaping, reduction of security risks, elimination of physical barriers to the disabled, office remodeling, and construction of temporary emergency shelters and storage facilities for the homeless.



Construction Forces Division provides construction services of the highest quality for the City of Los Angeles while continually striving to efficiently deliver projects on time and within budget.



On every project, Construction Forces Division crews will complete daily production goals safely and efficiently.



If your department has funding for work, click the “Requesting an Estimate” link on this page, fill out the request and email as directed; CFD will provide an estimate. Please note that Construction Forces is an unfunded division and a transfer of funds will be required before work can proceed.

If your Department does not have funding, prepare and submit an Alteration & Improvement (A&I) budget request in accordance with your department’s budget process. If approved in the A&I program, CFD will be provided with funding to do the work.