First Line of Defense

While custodial work is thought to be “unskilled” labor, in actuality, it takes a great deal of on-the-job experience, formal training and dedication to become City Custodians, who are the first line of defense in maintaining clean, healthy and safe facilities. 

For example, strict health and safety protocols must be followed when cleaning a jail cell containing blood, infectious matter, emesis, or fluids from an HIV+ individual - not exactly an unskilled task!  How about cleaning a jail while inmates are being moved from one cell to another?  This requires very specific safety training procedures provided by our Custodian Supervisors. Removing stains from a carpet requires testing using a pH scale to obtain the pH balance and then ensuring the use of a properly identified chemical with the correct (opposite) pH that will remove the stain. 

Every aspect of a Custodian’s regular duties requires year-round specific training. A dedicated support team is indispensable and ensures that this ongoing training occurs. This team is comprised of operations supervisors and administrative staff who are highly trained and knowledgeable in multiple areas in order to provide the most current information and safe practices to all staff.  Administrative staff are responsible for researching, designing and developing training and other programs, while supervisors, drawing from their frontline experience, implement industry changes and execute the training programs.