Targeted Local Hire (TLH) Program

The Custodial Services Division designed and established a local hiring and training program utilizing Vocational Workers nearly 20 years ago.  Consequently, the Division has embraced Mayor Garcetti’s Targeted Local Hire (TLH) Program.  The design of the Custodial Services TLH Program has two components:

  1. A training academy with classroom learning about safety, policies and procedures, as well as direct hands-on practical training on equipment and cleaning techniques and practices.
  2. A mentoring partnership which pairs the new TLH worker with a seasoned custodial staff member who ensures the training was understood and is being followed. Further, this mentoring partnership guides the worker for the first two to three months, before he or she is assigned to their own location.

The Custodial Services TLH Program represents a commitment by GSD to the Mayor’s TLH initiative, ensuring continued diligence in working to bring back jobs to the City. The program attains benefits for many stakeholders and is methodical in the approach to generate the best possible outcome while leveraging the best value to the City with “in-sourcing” and maintaining contract work.