Technology - Beyond Green Cleaning

Gone are the days when the industry standard was to use harmful, corrosive chemicals for cleaning.  Today, technology allows for safer, more environmentally friendly chemicals which are now utilized by our City custodians - bleach is no longer the disinfectant standard, as GSD banned its use more than 10 years ago.  The Custodial Services Division ensures that every chemical being used, from disinfectant to hand soap, meets the LEED GREEN chemical standards whenever possible.

Automated equipment is another area where the cleaning industry has used innovation and technology to make further strides in cleaning methods and approaches.  Ride-on auto scrubbers containing sophisticated computer systems, dashboard data and on-board chemical mixing and dispensing systems have facilitated our custodians’ work and increased both the quantity and quality of the work performed.

The City of Los Angeles has experienced challenges in the area of potential exposure to infectious diseases, particularly in police facilities.  Given the increase in exposure being reported, the Division made use of advances in technology and procured a Xenex LightStrike Robot, which utilizes a Pulsed Xenon lamp to generate broad-spectrum germicidal ultraviolet light that destroys multi-drug resistant pathogens.  This robot is an exciting addition to our arsenal of technology and equipment for providing the best services possible to the City of Los Angeles.