Mail Services

Mission Statement


The Department of General Services, Mail Services Division provides each City Department professional and quality Mail, Messenger, and Delivery services.  Mail Services adheres to standards set by the United States Postal Service on outbound mail dissemination.  In an effort to conserve the City’s annual postage budget, Mail Services educates departments citywide on cost saving methods.



Inter-department mail services are provided Monday through Friday, scheduled either once-daily or intermittent. In the event of unanticipated absences, services may be delayed until the next scheduled day. To ensure time-sensitive mailers reach their destination within restrictive timelines, outgoing mail must reach the Mail Services Main office located in City Hall Room 161 by 3:30 p.m.

Mail Automation Program (MAP) - Processes over four millions mass mailers annually.


Mail Services Division (MSD) is the contract administrator for the City's Overnight Delivery Services. Departments who use a contract-assigned account number receive a discount and the shipment fee is paid through their


The City's mail messengers provide once-daily service, Monday through Friday, to the downtown Civic Center area. Mail Services Division (MSD) offices are located at:

City Hall - Main Office 200 N Spring St., Ste. 161 (213) 978-0290

Figueroa Plaza - Satellite 201 N Figueroa St., Rm. 735 (213) 482-6910

Public Works Building - Satellite 1149 S Broadway St., Basement Rm. B-065 (213) 485-5702