Field Services

The frequency of inter-department field delivery services are once-daily or intermittent service. In the event of absences, this service may be delayed until the next business day. 

MSD Delivery Drivers begin shift bright and early at 7:00 a.m. They collectively travel greater than 17,000 miles per month, up to 204,000 miles annually! Field services to outlying City offices include the Downtown Civic Center, up to the Port of the San Pedro Peninsula, through North Los Angeles & Hollywood, down to the East, West, & Northern-tip of the San Fernando Valley, around West LA, and a finally through East LA --- All in an 8-hour day --- Whew!!! 

You are not alone! The MSD is suffering a severe staff reduction & safety IS a primary concern. For special requests such as a special pick up for a large volume of outbound mail, heavy & large packages, or prioritized processing of time-sensitive mail, a 24-hour prior notice is requested. Contact the MSD Main office at (213) 978-0290. 

Because our Delivery Drivers start at the "Crack of Dawn", reporting a service cancellation will help us

·  avoid unnecessary travel - 24-hour prior notice is requested.

·  Moving? - Submit a Change of Address

·  Request changes to your Service Schedule? - Contact MSD

To guarantee time-sensitive, outbound City business mail reach the intended destination on time, it must be delivered to: 

MAIL SERVICES DIVISION Main office - City Hall Room 161 (213) 978-0290


DEADLINE is 3:30 p.m.