Mail Automation Program (MAP)

"The Mail Must Go Through"

On an annual basis, the Mail Services Division (MSD) receives & sorts, distributes & processes an approximate 15 million pieces of mail. Mail categorically includes incoming and outbound USPS, Overnight Delivery Service, and inter-department correspondence. In addition, the MSD sorts & distributes City mail to:

·  The County of Los Angeles

·  Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA)

·  Sempra Energy (formerly the Gas Company)

Each year, the USPS mandates postage cost increases. MSD is responsible to monitor the City's Postage Budget and each Department's mailing activities such as volume of mail processed and postage funds used. A Department is contacted when audit shows a drastic increase in mail volume and/or excessive postage spent. The process allows MSD to ensure the appropriate funds are being deposited with the USPS for uninterrupted City mail processing. 


MSD offers citywide training on how a department can increase their postage savings, USPS mailing standards, and contract overnight delivery services. To increase your education on the most economic and efficient method to send your business mail or schedule a personalized on-site training, contact the MSD Main office at (213) 978-0290.