Citywide Copier Program


Publishing Services has been charged with the responsibility of managing the City’s copier program.  The City leases approximately 1,600 copiers citywide. Although copier costs in an individual department may seem inconsequential, when you consider the numbers of copiers we lease, excess copy charges, and the employee time to make copies the total cost can be staggering.

Our goal is to reduce costs and, in order to do that, we try to reduce the size and number of machines leased by the City. When a department requests a copier, we will ask you questions involving current workloads, the type of work to be copied, and any extenuating circumstances such as public service counters, public safety issues, or emergency operations.

We strongly encourage our customers to send their work to Publishing Services where you will enjoy superior quality, lower overall costs, and finishing options not available in your office.  We offer pick-up and delivery service, electronic job submission, and turnaround times to meet your needs. These options make it an easy choice for saving your department money, while providing a superior product and freeing staff to perform their core functions.

The City’s current contract vendor is Konica Minolta. If you have any questions regarding the services provided please contact us at (213) 473-8400.