The Asset Management System (AMS) was implemented in 2017 to provide an integrated solution to manage the City's multi-million dollar owned and leased portfolio on a single platform.

The AMS is comprised of several modules including property, leasing, building operations and maintenance, and space.

It also leverages mobile devices for maintenance technicians in the field to receive and respond to work orders in real time, eliminating the need for paper work orders and timecards. 

Additionally, the AMS has a customer service tool called the GSD Service Portal.  City employees can request maintenance services in City facilities maintained by GSD.  The public can also access the Portal to view information about surplus City property or request use of certain City properties for filming or community events.

Property Module

  • Contains data for more than 9,000 City owned properties and parcels for Council-controlled and proprietary departments
  • Data such as grant deeds, square footage, and Council files continues to be added to provide more reporting capability using categories such as property type or use
  • Property information Link: (In Construction)


Leasing Module

  • Users can view lease data for approximately 255 payable and receivable leases, including non-profits
  • Alerts Real Estate staff of upcoming renewals, tracks key dates and other critical lease provisions

Building Operations and Maintenance Modules

  • Operations and Maintenance - Provides a paperless, mobile work order system which allows technicians to receive and respond to work orders in the field electronically.  Over 34,000 repair tickets are completed annually.
  • Asset Management - Tracks maintenance records, warranty information, pictures and other data on more than 33,000 building and equipment assets such as HVAC systems and chillers.
  • Preventive Maintenance (PM) - Manages and schedules PM work orders for Building Maintenance Division and includes check points to ensure those assets are functioning properly. Corrective work orders are then generated as needed. Over 40,000 PMs are completed annually.
  • Environmental Health and Safety - This module tracks the types and quantities of hazardous materials, such as refrigerant used in HVAC systems, facilitates reporting needs for regulatory agencies and reduces risks associated with such items.

Space Management

When loaded with accurate floor plan information, this module will track usage information by floor, building, tenant, department, vacant spaces or other spacial criteria necessary for space management projects.

GSD Service Portal

The GSD Service Portal, at is a customer service web-based tool available to City employees which can be used to request maintenance and repair work at GSD maintained City facilities by selecting from the following tiles or applications for the service required:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Concrete, Fencing and Welding
  • Elevators, Escalators and Lifts
  • Carpentry
  • Appliances (such as refrigerators and dryers)
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Outdoors (such as graffiti or a broken bench)
  • Sign and Paint
  • Keys and Locks
  • Pest Control

The public and City employees can also use the GSD Service Portal to request and download information about the City's surplus property inventory; submit requests or inquiries about City-owned filming locations; and submit scheduling requests for community events and rallies at specified City facilities.

gsd service portal

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