GSD's Real Estate Services Division Leasing Unit provides leasing transactional support to Council controlled City departments and elected officials. The team manages three separate portfolios of leases:


  • Payable - primarily office space for City employees
  • Non Profit - decommissioned City owned buildings or offices in City owned buildings leased to non-profits that provide services to the community
  • Receivable - retail locations in City owned buildings, communication sites


Payable Lease Requests

If your department believes it requires additional space, please send a request to the Municipal Facilities Committee at the CAO with a copy to the General Manager of GSD outlining the details such as number of employees, departmental function, parking requirements, funding source, location of preferred lease and justification. As the request is analyzed, every attempt will be made to identify City owned space for this need. If it is determined that leasing is necessary, the project will be assigned to a Real Estate Officer within the unit.


All leases require Council approval.  Once the lease is negotiated, a report is developed by GSD and processed through the Municipal Facilities Committee, Council Committee, City Council and Mayor for approval. The Real Estate Office then works with the City Attorney for development of the lease.


Non-Profit Leases

All non-profit leases are initiated by Council Motion. If a request is made by a non-profit for office space within a City owned building, vacant land or a decommissioned building, the non-profit is directed to the Council Office in the district the property is located. The Council Office determines if they will initiate a motion directing GSD to negotiate and execute a lease.


Non-profits must have current IRS status, sufficient resources to fully maintain the property and be willing to abide by the City's ordinance and insurance requirements. A Community Benefit Analysis will be conducted to evaluate the services provided.  All non-profit leases must be approved by the City Council and follow the same process as payable lease requests.


Receivable Lease Requests

The majority of receivable lease requests are for retail locations within City owned buildings. GSD issues a Request for Proposal through the City's Business Virtual Network. If you are interested in leasing these spaces, respond to the RFP.  Click here to register on BAVN for any future opportunities. All receivable leases must be approved by the City Council and follow the same process as payable lease requests.


Click on the link for current leasing opportunities: Retail Spaces at the Los Angeles Mall



Contact Information

Call 213-922-8500 and ask for a Real Estate Officer in the Leasing Unit