Tenant Services

The Tenant Services Section provides support and services for Council controlled departments and elected officials for new space, relocations and space reconfiguration projects. In coordination with the CAO Municipal Facilities Group, projects approved and funded through the Municipal Facilities Committee and Council are then managed by the Tenant Services team to ensure the project adheres to schedule and budget for a smooth transition for the client department.


Tenant Services Section coordinates with the client department or office and performs the following duties:

  • Identifies City owned or leased space
  • Develops and oversees budget and any contracts needed for project
  • Oversees project timelines and milestones
  • Coordinates with architect, contractors and landlord for tenant improvements, as applicable
  • Reviews space programs, space/floor plans and ensures it meets tenant requirements within project parameters and City policies including City space standards and space optimization goals
  • Works with the furniture vendor for furniture purchase or reconfiguration
  • Coordinates with City’s Information Technology Agency and contractors for communication services work
  • Plans and oversees relocation with City or contracted moving services

cubicle office space



All requests for space begin with a memo to:

City Administrative Officer
      Attention: Chief of Municipal Facilities Group
cc: General Manager, General Services Department
      Attention: Director of Real Estate Services Division

The following items must be included in the initial request for space:

  • Name of division within your department requesting space.
  • Number of employees involved and their classifications.
  • Reason for request.
  • Where the employees are located now or if space is needed for positions authorized in budget.
  • Any other background about request that would assist staff (e.g. to comply with new ordinance to provide service in certain regions of City).
  • Timeline that needs to be met.
  • Describe any available space at the existing work site that could potentially be converted.
  • Special requirements with details, (e.g. types of workstations, meeting rooms, public counter, storage/file rooms, work areas, etc.) You may be asked to complete a programming questionnaire.
  • Available Department funds and funding source.
  • Contact person and phone number.
  • Must be signed by General Manager/Bureau Director or his/her designee.

All space assignments go to the Municipal Facilities Committee (MFC) for review and approval. Tenant Services will work with your department/bureau to develop the report. If the request involves a lease or tenant improvement contract, the MFC report will be transmitted to City Council for review and approval.



Contact Information

Call (213) 922-8500 and ask to speak to a Tenant Services representative.