General Use:

RFS -Request for Sale/Reuse Instructions
When delivering items to the Salvage Section, please complete the RFS - Request for Sale/Reuse Form.
*Special Instructions*
- RFS Number: = Issue an RFS number based on your Mail Stop and Date (ex:713-101219 ) or your own internal filing system(ex: 713-0001).
- Transfer Ownership: = If items are to be reused by other City Departments: Complete the first part of the "Transfer Ownership" field only.
- Credit Sale Proceeds Section: = If items are to be sold: Complete the Credit Sale Proceeds section by selecting either the Dept. or GSD General Funds box and complete the funding information, if necessary. Check the "To the Purchasing Agent" box.
- Requestor/ Supervisor: = Enter the Requestor and Supervisor's name and obtain their signatures. Deliveries will not be accepted without proper signatures.
- Salvage Division: = Salvage will sign-off upon receipt and issue a copy for your records.

Electronic Waste Salvage Certification
Must be completed if the items being sent to Salvage include computers, cell phones, printers, PDAs or any equipment or devices used to store information.

** RFS Forms and E-Waste Forms MUST be reviewed and approved by Salvage Personnel before delivery.**

California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV):

Application for Replacement Plates Link: (In Construction)

Complete this form if a City vehicle has lost or is missing a license plate(s).
Once completed, it can be forwarded, either by email, fax or gray-mail, to Salvage for processing. If fees are applicable, you will be contacted.