Enviro-Chem Section

The Environmental-Chemistry Section consists of three fully equipped environmental and chemical laboratories certified by the State of California. These labs perform analysis on materials including wastewater, industrial waste, and solids using EPA approved methods. The labs provide testing to satisfy the requirements of local, state, and federal programs such as Title 22, UST, and NPDES.

CHEMICAL Laboratory 
Analyzes for traditional wastewater constituents such as total and fecal coliform, BOD, cyanide, phenols, nitrogen compounds, and anions (chloride, fluoride, etc..). The solid materials tested include cement, soil, aggregate, concrete, and lime slurry.

INORGANIC Laboratory 
Analyzes samples for over 25 metals including lead, selenium, mercury, and arsenic.

ORGANIC Laboratory 
Tests for more than 150 constituents including benzene, toluene, chloroform, and DDT. Analyses performed include VOC, PCB, BNA and other semi-volatile organic compounds, pesticides, as well as gasoline and diesel range petroleum hydrocarbons.