Roads & Highways Section

The Roads & Highways Section consists of three units that provides complete testing services for road construction, reconstruction and maintenance. All phases from planning, evaluation, design, mix design, construction monitoring, and quality control are supported.

Pavement Evaluation Unit
Provides non-destructive deflection testing services for use in pavement structural evaluation and overlay design for flexible and rigid pavement. This unit also provides core sampling on pavement and wall structures.

Asphalt Concrete Unit
Tests asphalt based paving materials and is AMRL accredited. Full support for paving projects from mix design verification to compaction testing by nuclear gauge. Testing is performed on Emulsion Aggregate Slurry, Asphalt Concrete, Rubberized Recycled Asphalt Concrete, and Aggregate.

Asphalt Binder Unit
Performs state of the art Superpave binder tests to characterize asphalt cement, additives, recycling agents and emulsions. This unit also performs extensive research on new modified as well as unmodified binders, warm mix asphalts (WMA), modified emulsions and additives. In addition, this unit develops specifications for new modified binders used on LA streets.

Geoprobe Unit
Provides subsurface investigation through Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) and Direct Push sampling for the evaluation of geotechnical properties. Geoprobe's CPT and Direct Push sampling allow Standards Division to provide faster and more cost-effective testing services to client compared to conventional drilling.